Future Considerations

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how will the oak hill parkway affect the east portion of dripping springs?

Besides the immediate need for a reduced speed limit to keep residents safe when traveling near their home, there are future developmental plans that further increase safety risk for residents of the East Portion of Dripping Springs. The development of the Oak Hill Parkway comes with its own considerations for The East Portion of Dripping Springs. Cars exiting the parkway need to be made aware of the new road conditions they are entering.

Vehicles will exit off of the parkway and have 3 miles to continue at 60mph before reaching Fitzhugh (Figure 13), the area we recommend a reduced speed begin at. Cars exiting the parkway and traveling at 60mph+ through the East Portion of Dripping Springs will increase accident rates, and in turn, increase severity and fatality rates. Drivers who are not from the area will not be expecting to enter a residential area where cars are able to turn across a 4 lane highway, and they will not expect slowing down to 20mph to allow vehicles in front of them to turn into residential streets.

Signs will need to be added warning oncoming vehicles to slow down and that the posted speed limit will be changing. Vehicles should begin to slow down at Fitzhugh to allow cars to pass through the light at Nutty Brown and alleviate congestion that will occur in this area.