290 Safety Coalition

Our Mission

Why are we doing this?

Dripping Springs is a beautiful place to live, but the fatalities and risk of injury on U.S. 290 cast a dark shadow over our hill country. U.S. 290 is not just a highway, it’s our local road. We use it to bring our children to ballet, to school, or the doctors. Every day that we go on that road, for all of our daily needs, we are at risk. Being a good driver does not exclude you from that risk; accidents can happen to anyone, at anytime. I want to bring attention to this problem for all the families that live here, that have expressed concern and want to see a solution. Every person on this highway is loved by someone, and we need to remember that. We should not live in a community where we discuss accidents and fatalities on 290 on a regular basis. We deserve to be able to proactively address the problem, and our children deserve to grow up in a community that allows for our voices to be heard, so we can protect them and their precious futures. Why are we doing this? So everyone can come home.

- Sarah Kline, President 290 Safety Coalition